Tatiana Stadnichenko


The same wind that creates resistance also gives a lift.


They were full of empty zones. 

He could see around hollow corners. 

As soon as she handled the ground it disappeared or floated around.

It had no borders no race, but there had been a lot of space. 


Their hand lines were synchronized with the pattern of the land of their grandma. Rivers had been flowing, waterfalls had been falling, and cloudshad covered the top of that local hill for thousands years. 

They were able to see gaps between their fingers and broken threads between memories and feelings. She came here to show them flights of houses and they could teach her how to get rid of the mouse. They could take the piece of land andgrow unknown plants on it, but instead they cultivated the metaphysical halls in their minds. 

They could walk with water, the same time as he could have a monologue with walls. She could hook an Island. Togetherthey could make it roll around. Social gossip taught him to keep the silence. Cold countries improved their solitude. They took an internal train to the next level, where it’s still possible to get lost; to discover the new planet.

There was no way back, no way back, no way back.