Matthew Ashton (AU),  Dick Hedlund (SE), Tatiana Stadnichenko (RU),  Nora Yous (SE) Luis Lanfredi Belem (BR),  Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen (DK), Bihter Çelik(TR), Sofie Tolf (SE) Beatrice Orlandi(IT),  Angelica Falkeling (SE),  Johan Österholm (SE),  Erika Henriksson (SE)   



Matthew Ashton is an architect and researcher based in Malmö, and co-founder of the Architectural collective SPARC. Matthew holds a Master of Fine Arts (Architecture) from the University of Umeå, a Bachelor of Architecture from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm and has recently undertaken post graduate studies at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. Matthew’s research work often explores the hidden edges of architecture and the urban environment, investigating sites of material production and extraction, the politics of speculative development and the large scale spatial consequences of our excessive consumption and production of real estate. (

Dick Hedlund is an artist based in Malmö, currently completing his M.F.A at the Malmö Art Academy. Dick’s work is often situated somewhere between sculpture and painting, exploring the boundaries separating the image from the object. His work is characterised by a depth and materiality, producing pieces which appear to extend beyond the bounds of the canvass, seemingly connected to another world of which we can only glimpse as fragments.  (

Tatiana Stadnichenko is a Russian artisit currently completing her M.F.A at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. (

Nora Yous is currently completing her architectural studies at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. 

Luis Lanfredi Belem is a Brazilian architect currently working an architectural office in Stockholm

Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen is an artist based in Copenhagen, primarily working with sculpture. Her work has a strong architectural quality, freezing objects and materials in a position between destruction and construction, ruination and rising.

Bihter Çelik is an architect based in Istanbul. She is co-founder of the architectural studio TRAK. (

Sofie Tolf is an architect based in Malmö, and co-founder of the architectural collective SPARC (

Beatrice Orlandi is an artist working predominately with film and video. Originally trained as an architect, Orlandi's work explores the relationship of the body to space, especially the strange new cyber spaces of our digital world. (

Angelica Falkeling  is a practicing artist, teacher and writer. She is currently about to commence a Masters of Fine Arts at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. In her work, Falkeling focuses on the quiet, soft, introverted and mute materials present within what is commonly considered to be verbal political arenas.(

Johan Österholm  is an artist and photographer, predominantly working with large format cameras and photosensitive materials in order to appropriate and visualize traces and passages through time. He has a strong interest in the history of photography, the photographic process and its ability to speak to something that lies beyond the present day: of the traces that previous generations have left behind, and those that we ourselves will leave. Österholm’s works are included in the Hasselblad Foundation, Sweden and in private collections in Sweden and USA, and is currently working towards his Master’s degree at Malmö Art Academy. He lives in Malmö, Sweden. (

Erika Henriksson is an architect, currently completing her PhD at NTNU in Trondheim. Her research focuses on the 'process' of building, exploring how the active participation and engagement of 'end users' throughout the entire building process could inform an alternative approach to architectural design methods.