Erika Henriksson

I was drawn to the tension in the dual perspective of the place. On one hand concrete facts about its materialisation, but at the same time the visual summons the imagination; daydreams which inscribe another story into the quarry. what people created this place? how did they live their lives? how did they relate to each other?

Perhaps they simply dug to dig, searching inwards, downwards, to constantly examine existence through action. They lived in provisional hollows they dug out, levels and surfaces where they ate and slept, before digging further. But I already knew the reason this place was created…. Standardised houses, standardised elements, standardised windows. The triumph of efficiency, powers which easily dominate weakness, uncertainty, searching.




M/   So there we have it, it’s not easy.

E/ No. But what did you say to each other at Christmas?

M/ you know, he was like, junked-up, so it was impossible to have a normal conversation. 

I thought he was a little, like, detached,  you know, like you put a coin in the machine and then it just babbles on. Anyway, he was like that, and they hadn’t really done anything, you know. He hardly even has a family, and anyway, they don’t even celebrate holidays and birthdays and all that. 

His parents are separated, so him and his mum usually go to some christmas dinner in the Old Town and then go to see a christmas concert. They had gone and picked up his grandma, because she’s moved into a home, but they still have her apartment. So they went there, to the apartment, even though no one was actually living there. 

Anyway, they went there and celebrated christmas for like two hours, and then she got picked up and taken back to the home, and then they went back to his mums place, and who knows what they did there, and then they went someplace else. You know, I’ve no idea really, he mostly just talked about traveling back and forth between different places. But I don’t know, like I said, he was just babbling on last we spoke, and he wasn’t really there, or how should I say...

E/ Well, isn’t it common for people to be a little like that?

M/ So we didn’t say anything in particular to each other really.

E/ Do you miss him?